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Alpana Vij's Gold-Stitched Leaf Artwork - Vanda Road


Alpana Vij, What do I see when I see a fallen leaf? (Vanda Road Jan 2020)
Dried leaf and 24k gold thread on concrete
Dimensions: 28cm X 20.7cm X 4.5cm
Year: 2021

Artist Alpana Vij's stitched leaf works echo the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, where a cracked ceramic piece is repaired with gold, transforming it into something new, rare and more beautiful than the original.

Vij carefully chooses each decaying leaf - cleaning, drying and pressing it, before painstakingly stitching its torn and broken parts together with vintage pure gold thread. The stitched leaf, given new life, is mounted on a custom concrete base and framed in climate-sealed museum-quality glass.

This one-of-a-kind work of art features a leaf collected by the artist at Vanda Road in January 2020.