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Delia Prvački's Painting on a Plate #21 - Sea Serpent


Delia Prvački, Painting on a Plate #21 - Sea Serpent
Coloured glazes on bone china
Diameter: 32cm
Year: 2016

Sculptor and ceramicist Delia Prvački experiments with painting, drawing and colouring techniques applied onto a porcelain surface, approaching the porous porcelain bisque as an artist would a blank canvas.

"I treat every biscuit (raw fired porcelain) as a carte blanche, an invitation to respond to its shape, texture and absence of colour."

The artist was inspired to create visual imagery by borrowing from traditional artistic techniques and translating them into the language of ceramics, exploiting the richness of effects offered by stains, pigments and glazes.

To achieve the layers of colour and effects, each bone china plate is put through successive firings at varying degrees of heat, starting from 1000 degrees Celsius to around 1260 degrees Celsius.

Each one-of-a-kind painting on a plate is a unique work of art that will make a memorable gift, keepsake or addition to your own collection.