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Dawn Kwan's "Chrysalis" Sculpture


Artist Dawn Kwan is something of a wunderkind - still in her early 20s, she has completed over 400 paintings and has held 8 major solo art exhibitions locally and internationally. She's very well-known for her abstract paintings, and here we showcase her exciting ceramics practice.

Chrysalis was inspired by Dawn's hobby of rearing tawny coster caterpillars. She'd see them through pupation and then release them in her garden as fully-formed butterflies, feeling privileged to be able to observe the pupation and metamorphosis process.

This led Dawn to contemplate what it meant to truly 'trust the process,' to focus on things within her control and to surrender what she could not control to a greater power. She also learned to lean into love rather than fear, in order to simply trust.

The Chrysalis sculpture was the result of her reflections-- a physical manifestation of the journey of growth of the artist herself, as well as of the elements in nature that fascinate her.