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Delia Prvački's "Dulcinea" Breast Cups


Artist Delia Prvački's witty and provocative Dulcinea ceramics set adds a wink and a smile to any table setting. The limited edition Dulcinea consists of 11 multi-functional pieces, including 6 breast-shaped cups in various sizes.

The cups’ smooth tactility and sensuous curves beg to be cupped - cradled - gently in the palm of the hand. Serve ripe, luscious strawberries in one, sip a milky latte from another. Be as inventive, cheeky and playful as your imagination allows.

Produced from prototypes hand-built by the artist in her studio, Dulcinea is microwave and dishwasher-safe and comes in 5 gorgeous colours - the only problem you'll have is picking a favourite!