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Dawn Kwan's "Dewdrop" Vase


Artist Dawn Kwan is something of a wunderkind – still in her early 20s, she has completed over 400 paintings and has held 8 major solo art exhibitions locally and internationally. She's very well-known for her abstract paintings, and here we showcase her exciting ceramics practice.

This one is for all you minimalists out there. You know who you are – it's all about clean lines, embracing the zen, and all Muji everything. Well, allow us to suggest one more addition to your coolly welcoming interiors – this celadon-hued vase which recalls the glistening sheen of morning dewdrops. 

Large green celadon glaze vase. 16.9cm (height), 8.6cm (diameter).

Wheel-thrown with stoneware clay.

Read more about Dawn Kwan and her practice here.