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Eastfield Ceramics

Eastfield Ceramics

Doctor Samantha Tan and Art educator Megan Miao run Eastfield Ceramics, a young local ceramics outfit that produces small-batch tableware often inspired by food.

Eastfield Ceramics make functional homeware with expressive, colourful glaze combinations. Their goal is to create wares that are not only great to eat off, but are also tactile and delicious on their own, enhancing the flavours and experiences of the home. Although each collection has a distinctive palette, no two pieces are the same due to the process of glazing. Their craft focuses on organic forms that sit comfortably in the hand, while also being affordable art objects that can be on display in the home.

As an artist, Megan has shown at Singapore Design Week, Gillman Barracks and the Substation. Additionally, she has also designed and run Art workshops at the Esplanade and Telok Ayer Arts Club. Her art practice involves looking at the boundaries of belief systems and reconciling differences through conversation.

Find out more about Samantha and Megan on our website here