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A Tale of Two Bandits' "Escapism" Cuff


This cuff is inspired from the original Escapism ring.

Crafting this series was an unequivocally organic effort from start to finish, which allowed artist and metalsmith Rachel Tang, of A Tale of Two Bandits, to divert her mind and escape from the routine of reality.

The yellow gold granules that add an unexpected source of sparkle are barnacles cemented to shallow rock pools at the ocean, waiting for the tide to roll in.

Each limited edition cuff is hand-crafted by artist and metalsmith Rachel Tang, of A Tale of Two Bandits. Only 5 have been created and no additional pieces will be produced again.

Item Specifications 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver and Solid 18K Yellow Gold

Size: One size fits all, adjustable (S-M)

15cm (L) x 0.32cm (T) x 0.5cm (W)

Special Information

This product will have natural irregularities in texture and shape due to the hand forged nature of the piece.

Yellow gold granules are individually soldered on, so size and positions may vary a little with each cuff.

Each cuff is finished to a ‘half hardness’ so it can be bent slightly to a custom fit for the wearer's wrist.

Care Instructions 

Take off jewellery before swimming, gardening, playing sports, serious kitchen work or moving heavy objects

Do not let it come into contact with household chemicals such as detergents, bleaches, toothpaste or chlorine.

Do not dip in polishing liquid

Always store your jewellery in a cool, dry, safe place such as the box it came in; away from extreme heat, steam and humidity.