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Justin Lin x The Tiny Torch's Brooch - Field 2 (Mountainous)


Vast open views, distilled to the most essential of lines.

These pin-back brooches featuring linework of landscapes are based on Fields, a series of 4 low-relief sculptures by artist Justin Lin. Wrought in metal, they reflect the bare, spartan trace of a view once admired. They recall the memory of a vista once visited, a river once photographed, or a breeze once felt.

Each limited edition brooch is hand-crafted by metalsmith Jenny Lin of The Tiny Torch. 

Item Specifications 

Material: Hand-sawn, polished brass

Size: 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 0.5cm 

Special Information

Due to the nature of production, slight variations in shape may be expected.

Care Instructions 

Tiny Torch jewellery is made from uncoated metals, which will evolve with wear. To preserve the condition of your jewellery, we recommend the following:

  • Take off your jewellery before swimming, gardening, playing sports, serious kitchen work, or moving heavy objects.
  • Wipe down your jewellery before storing it. Sweat and cosmetics encourage tarnish and discolouration.
  • Store jewellery in an airtight plastic bag, and if you can, put in an anti-tarnish strip, a piece of chalk, or a silica gel packet. These will help prevent tarnish caused by air and moisture.
  • Your purchase includes a small polishing cloth and an anti-tarnish ziplock pouch to help you care for your jewellery.