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Ng Si Ying / atinymaker 's Rattan & Wood Chopstick Rests


Rattan makes a comeback via designer Ng Si Ying (atinymaker)'s explorations of its aesthetic potential. Each pair of wooden chopstick rests are beautifully and intricately wrapped by hand with rattan peels, adding a touch of artistry to your table setting.

About Rattan

A material native to the Southeast Asian region, rattan was commonplace in the homes of Singapore during the 70s. However, its qualities have been replaced by solutions of the modern world, making it more of a rarity today.

Item Specifications 

Material: Rattan, wood

Size: 4.8 cm (L) 0. cm (D)

Special Information

Each pair of rattan chopstick rests is unique and one-of-a-kind due to its handmade and hand-dyed process.